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Sergio Mannino+Martina Guandalini作品 | Glam Seamless,现代复古风格

     Glam Seamless是一家历史悠久的理发品牌企业,由Alexandra Cristin创立的致力于高品质高端发型。最近Cristin联系了Sergio Mannino设计了在纽约Soho创建了她的第一家店铺。几个月后,Glam Seamless即将开始运行。
     Glam Seamless is a long-established hairdressing brand company founded by Alexandra Cristin dedicated to high-quality, high-end hair. Recently Cristin contacted Sergio Mannino to design her first store in Soho, New York. A few months later, Glam Seamless is about to start running.       Glam是粉红色,白色 - 你猜对了 - 华丽。Sergio Mannino说我们需要将这个品牌转化为物理空间;设计品牌的“物理版本”总是一个有趣的挑战 - 他们知道在第一次尝试中取得成功是多么重要。
     Glam is pink, white - you guessed it - gorgeous. Sergio Mannino said that we need to turn this brand into physical space; designing the "physical version" of the brand is always an interesting challenge - they know how important it is to succeed in the first attempt.       理发店采用柔滑的奶油色和千禧年粉红色,闪烁的ombre窗帘定义并分隔商店的两个区域。配合配色方案,窗帘与理发店柜台和展示的干净,现代复古风格线条形成鲜明对比。显示器是部分玻璃,部分透明表面和部分手工粉红色Terrazzo瓷砖。
     The barber shop uses silky cream and millennial pink, and the flashing ombre curtain defines and separates the two areas of the store. In conjunction with the color scheme, the curtains are in sharp contrast to the barbershop counters and the clean, modern retro-style lines. The display is partially glass, partially transparent and partially hand-painted with pink Terrazzo tiles.       他们在这个项目中面临的设计挑战之一是将Glam品牌的粉红色融入设计 - 这是它的主要美学。宝贝粉红色是一种困难的颜色,因为它太容易使空间感觉幼稚或太可爱。浅色木地板,巧妙纹理的Terrazzo瓷砖,整个设计中各个地方的玻璃,以及大胆的灯光形状和定制镜子都有助于抵消这一点。我们想要一个柔软但强大的女性空间 - 这些设计决策汇集在一起​​,以实现它。
     One of the design challenges they face in this project is to incorporate the Glam brand pink into the design - this is its main aesthetic. Baby pink is a difficult color because it is too easy to make the space feel naive or too cute. Light wood floors, ingeniously textured Terrazzo tiles, glass throughout the design, and bold lighting shapes and custom mirrors help offset this. We want a soft but powerful female space - these design decisions come together to achieve it.        Glam Seamless - 这个品牌 - 在不断扩展的头发扩展世界中实现了在线的便利和物理的社交体验。在Sergio Mannino工作室,我们喜欢将Glam美学翻译成一个美丽的空间,就在spicy的Soho中心。
     Glam Seamless - This brand - an online convenience and physical social experience in the ever-expanding world of hair extensions. At the Sergio Mannino studio, we like to translate Glam aesthetics into a beautiful space, right in the center of the Soho in the spicy.


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