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Schwartz作品 | The Lichen,量身定制的建筑灵感

       The Lichen别墅位于加州北部酿酒区的丘陵地带。这所住宅的名字取自一种叫树花属地衣的绿色植物,它悬挂在该地区成熟橡树的枝条上。
      The Lichen House is situated in the hills of the winemaking region in northern California. The residence is named after Ramalina lichen, a lacy, greenish plant that hangs from the branches of the mature oak trees found in the area.
      The lichen filters sunlight and captures moisture and nutrients for their host trees. A hypersensitive species, the lichen withers in contaminated environments but grows quickly in good conditions.
      位于旧金山的 Schwartz 建筑工作室说: “地衣和它的主人之间的精确关系为一个专门为其量身定制的建筑提供了灵感,这既是对它的回应,也是对其最佳属性的增强。”
      "The precise relationship between lichen and its host provides inspiration for an architecture specifically tailored to its site, both as a response to it and as an augmentation of its best attributes," said Schwartz and Architecture, a studio based in San Francisco.
      "The Lichen House works in concert with nature's mechanisms, not to mimic them blindly, but to expand our understanding and experience of them through architecture."
      A curving driveway leads to the five-bedroom residence, which consists of rectilinear, flat-roofed volumes arranged in a T-shaped formation. The bar running from north to south largely houses public functions, while the east-west bar contains private areas.
      The rear of the dwelling features a pool terrace that overlooks the scenic valley.
      The home's massing was driven by a desire for passive thermal strategies. Ample glazing brings in natural light while also offering expansive views of the undulating terrain.
      The southernmost portion of the home contains an open-plan living room, dining area and kitchen. Warm-coloured wood was used for window frames, flooring and cabinetry.A rectractable glass walls opens onto an outdoor patio shaded by a trellis-like canopy.
      The team said: "the corrugated metal fin is official reference for the lichen around the geometry, at the same time can also through the redesign lace lichen nets of filtered mottled light as a spatial reference, it filtered the summer sun, the sun is low in the winter, the sun's heat will increase."
      As part of an aim to create a "porous and breathable building envelope", the architects placed a non-air-conditioned hallway with operable windows on the south elevation, which serves as a buffer between the outdoors and a series of bedrooms.



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