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SAOTA作品 | ‘Double Bay’ house,‘双湾’住宅

       场地位于悉尼巨大天然港口的北湾,毗邻游憩公园和海湾的公共码头。SAOTA 为场地形成了一条轴线,同时,场地前的沙滩形成了另一条轴线。
      The site is located in North Bay, a huge natural port in Sydney, adjacent to a recreational park and a public pier in the Gulf. These elements form an axis for the site, while the sandy beaches in front of the site form another axis.
      From the main façade of the park, the architecture shows a rich plane, showing both the sense of space and the protection of privacy. A screen of graphite dust hanging on the façade of the house (made by Kaynemaile, the New Zealand polycarbonate chain developed in the ring of film) ensures privacy on the face of the occupants. Wood cladding, plastering walls, Baomu eaves and huge windowsill through the screen make the plane feel richer. This design creates the depth of the plane while ensuring privacy, maximizing the introduction of sunlight and park views.
      In this façade, the staircase is wrapped in wooden venetian blinds and surrounded by glass. The soft curve contrasts with the surrounding glass boxes and coordinates the bedroom relationship of the main entrance.
      The inlet and the bay are 90 degrees, and the ramp is close to the water, gently tilting the front door, creating a subtle rise in sensation. The U-shaped housing plane is clearly visible, the entrance is connected to the wings, and is separated by the garden like an internal harbor, allowing the view to extend beyond the bay through the inner space.From the courtyard view, the huge wall on the second floor faces a layer of glass, enlarging the bay view below.
      The side of the House Bay is open space. The common area with the elevated kitchen and family dining area is the staircase rather than the wall. The staircase extends over the sea to the garden to form an axis that broadens horizons and protects the privacy of public street surfaces. Further protection of privacy from the elevated gardens of the path distinguishes the garden from the bay. The link between the location of the pool and the trend towards the sea is reinforced.
      Overhangs's wooden ceiling connects the street to the garden and the beach. It spreads indoors, displays itself at special moments, and makes indoor and outdoor space an integral part of it. A clear outline can be seen from the water, light and reflective of the sea and canopy.
     From the point of view of the street and the bay, the other main façade of the house presents such landscapes, and the large low-rise windows are hidden under white walls, black window frames and screens. A well-preserved cherry tree decorated the façade of the street.
      The material of the house is carefully selected; the use of wood, white walls and lime floors reflect the seaside scenery. Clear-faced concrete as an interesting element, the textured texture of the soft plastering wall contrasts with the hale screen and the aluminum plate.
      The Saota Studio showcases their South African style design in this project: sharp lines, light forms and blending with nature, all of which combine to make the design feel at home in this particular field. Interesting features, blurred borders and fresh layered structures balance the living needs of young families with the amazing ambience of the site. Saota's sister company, ARRCC Interior Design studio developed improved decorative color adapted to the needs of home and customers.
       作为协会成员,TKD与客户有着密切的交流以保证SAOTA的细节设计到位,以实现梦想中的家。他们的创造力,毅力和对优秀设计所表现出的责任感是他们成功的关键。Point Of View的照明设计,Wyer & Co.的景观设计和主要承包商Horizon最后合作完成了高水平,高质量的家。
      As a member of the association, TKD and customers have a close communication to ensure that the details of the Saota design in place to achieve the dream home. Their creativity, perseverance and sense of responsibility for good design are key to their success. Point of view lighting design, Wyer & Co. Landscape Design and major contractor Horizon finally cooperated to complete a high quality home.


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