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Santa Cecilia Church FBD ,Santa Cecilia教堂

       Santa Cecilia教堂位于Ciudad Verde,一个位于波哥大郊外Soacha市的房屋开发项目。我们与VerónicaLópez合作完成的项目被选为2013年举办的私人比赛的获胜者。它占据了1940年由意大利建筑师Vicente Nasi设计的农村花园的一部分,该建筑师是哥伦比亚现代建筑的先驱之一。
      Santa Cecilia Church is located in Ciudad Verde, a housing development project located in Soacha, on the outskirts of Bogota. The project we completed in cooperation with Verónica López was selected as the winner of the 2013 private competition. It occupies part of the 1940 rural garden designed by the Italian architect Vicente Nasi, one of the pioneers of modern Colombian architecture.
      The house is already on the market and is now surrounded by an expanding urban environment. The location of the church took full advantage of the intersection of two important city axes, becoming a milestone for the community and re-planning the size of the compound. The House of Representatives will soon become the center of the parish.


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