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Salocchi Studio作品| Marco de Vincenzo 米兰精品店

      新锐设计师Marco de Vincenzo一位年轻的西西里设计师,在罗马和米兰之间生活和工作。,在罗马欧洲时装学院毕业后便加入Fendi集团负责设计箱包、鞋帽和饰品,同时他又推出了自己的Marco de Vincenzo高端女装品牌,目前仍然在Fendi任职。
    The designer, Marco de Vincenzo, a young Sicilian designer, lives and works between Rome and Milan. After graduating from the European Fashion Institute in Rome, he joined the Fendi Group to design bags, shoes, hats and accessories. At the same time, he launched his own Marco de Vincenzo high-end women's wear brand and is still working at Fendi.          古典与现代的元素在这个空间中共存,相互影响,同时也讲述了马科·德·文森佐的世界。
     Classic and contemporary elements coexist in this temporary setting and influence each other, telling at the same time the world of Marco de Vincenzo.        在著名的Larusmiani精品店的房间内,由于没有触及和修改任何东西的限制,设计师选择使用简单的自支撑背景进行识别和统一空间,使用光面漆板氧化红色 和金属框架涂成哑光黑色。
      Inside the rooms of the famous Larusmiani boutique, with the close limitation of not touching and modifying anything existing, the designers have chosen to identify and unite the space with the use of scenographic simple self-supporting backdrop, made with glossy lacquered panels red oxide color and metal frames painted matt black.         大尺寸和现代重要性彰显了Marco de Vincenzo设计的服装和配饰的折衷主义,强调使用来自最新系列面料的巨大花卉主题地毯。
      Large dimensions and modern essentiality highligth the eclecticism of the clothes and accessories designed by Marco de Vincenzo, emphasized above all in the juxtaposed use of the huge floral-themed rug, derived from a fabric from the latest collection.



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