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Reda Amalou作品 | 巴黎公寓,与艺术对话

       家具设计师,著名建筑师兼艺术收藏家Reda Amalou说:“创作的核心是与他人对话。”而在巴黎装饰自己的公寓时,这位多产的设计师引用了与艺术史和建筑人物的发展的引人入胜的谈话。
      Furniture designer, renowned architect and art collector Reda Amalou says, “Creation, at its core, is a dialogue with others.” And, when it came to decorating his own apartment in paris, the prolific designer invoked a compelling conversation rippled with art history talking points and architectural character development.       这个房子位于Saint Germain desPrès的中心,靠近著名的地标,比如Caféde Flore,Deyrolle和Brasserie Lipp,这个地区有着丰富的文化历史。 Amalou说:“我们正在寻找一种非常法式的奥斯曼式公寓,因为直到那时我们才开始住在现代空间中。这间公寓拥有很多的特色,这要归功于其高高的天花板,明显的造型和大型垂直的法式窗户,给人一种传统的感觉。”
      The home is located in the center of Saint Germain des Près, close to famed landmarks such as Café de Flore, Deyrolle, and Brasserie Lipp (some of Amalou’s own offices), in a neighborhood ripe with rich cultural history. “We were looking for a very French style of Haussmannian apartments, as we had lived only in modern spaces up until then,” says Amalou. “This apartment has a lot of character thanks to its high ceilings, significant moldings, and large vertical French windows that give off a traditional feel.”        客厅里有罗伯特·印第安纳,皮埃尔·苏拉吉和罗伯特·马利特 - 史蒂文斯的作品。皮埃尔·弗雷(Pierre Frey)的作品包含了Reda Amalou Design设计的客厅中的一双时尚扶手椅。Poltrona Frau沙发决定客厅区域的周长。通过Amalou的圆形清漆咖啡和边桌将更多现代气息带入空间,完美地展现了镶木地板和画廊的墙壁。
The living room features works by Robert Indiana, Pierre Soulages, and Robert Mallet-Stevens. A pair of sleek armchairs in the living room courtesy of Reda Amalou Design are covered in a Pierre Frey print.A Poltrona Frau sofa determines the perimeter of the living room area. Additional modern touches brought into the space through Amalou’s circular varnished coffee and side table play perfectly to the parquet floors and gallery wall.
      允许这些原始的家具细节照耀,进入餐饮和生活区的入口是保持简约的Charles et Ray白色抽象Eames椅子和胡桃木雕塑在门框。 镶木地板走道通向毗邻的空间,但不会被遗忘。由Amalou设计的金属和胡桃木书架沿着Sebastien Preschoux画布上的油画,以及由途锐在Augousli的奥斯特里希特(Ostricht)牌桌上的途锐古老的帐篷钉雕塑。
      Allowing those original furniture details to shine through, the entrance into the dining and living area is kept minimalistic with a Charles et Ray white abstract Eames chair and a walnut wood sculpture in the doorframe. A runway of parquet flooring leads to the adjoining spaces, but is not forgotten. Metal and walnut bookshelves designed by Amalou line the walls along with an oil on canvas by Sebastien Preschoux and an ancient tent peg sculpture by Touareg atop the tablet Ostricht leg by Augousli.        Amalou餐厅的壁炉上悬挂着丰富多彩的艺术作品。
      Rich and colorful artworks hangs on the mantel in Amalou’s dining room.       主卧室非常简洁而炫目,展示了Amalou设计的玻璃床头板,Yves Delorme的床上用品,Le BonMarché枕头,Artemide的Castore吊顶吊坠以及Amalou家具系列的Link床头柜。
     The master bedroom is so simple and stunning, showing off a glass headboard designed by Amalou, bedding from Yves Delorme, Le Bon Marché pillows, a Castore ceiling pendant from Artemide, and the Link bedside table from Amalou’s furniture collection.       洁白的色调围绕着整个住宅,浴室特别时尚,有Jacob Delafon的漂浮控制台和水槽,亚麻布百叶窗,Amalou的Link Bench以及Degas的青铜芭蕾舞女演员雕塑。
Continuing with the crisp white palette that envelops the home, the bathroom is particularly sleek, with a floating console and sinks by Jacob Delafon, linen blinds, the Link Bench by Amalou, and a bronze ballerina sculpture by Degas. 


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