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Rbasalt作品 | Retreat Hotel酒店,融入自然的艺术品

       Blue Lagoon酒店的Retreat Hotel酒店位于冰岛Grindavík的Svartsengi,拥有800年历史的熔岩流。因此,在重新开发现场时,Basalt Architects和意大利设计集团将熔岩概念融入其设计中,同时参考了围绕该场地的熔岩湖的水元素。酒店设有一个雕刻在火山泥土中的水疗中心和62间典雅的套房,周围环绕着Blue Lagoon矿藏丰富的水域,以及一间致力于改造冰岛美食遗产的餐厅。
      The Retreat Hotel at Blue Lagoon is built directly into the 800-year-old lava flow at Svartsengi in Grindavík, Iceland. Accordingly, when looking at eveloping the site, Basalt Architects and Design Group Italia incorporated the concept of lava into their design, along with referencing the water elements of the lagoon that surrounds the site. The hotel consists of a spa carved into the volcanic earth and 62 elegant guest suites surrounded by the Blue Lagoon’s mineral-rich waters, as well as a restaurant dedicated to the reinvention of Iceland’s culinary heritage.         该建筑本身由混凝土和玻璃,CorTen生锈金属和jatoba木材制成。为了将建筑无缝地融入自然环境中,入口大厅的外部和一些屋顶都覆盖着苔藓和熔岩。
      The building itself is made of concrete and glass, CorTen rusty metal, and jatoba wood. In order to seamlessly integrate the build into the natural surrounds, the exterior of the entrance hall and some of the rooftops are covered in moss and lava rocks.        在室内,温暖的木材与各种混凝土,岩石和熔岩表面形成对比,营造出温馨的氛围,同时保持简约的线性风格。
      Indoors, warm woods contrast with various concrete, rock, and lava surfaces to create an inviting atmosphere whilst maintaining a simple, linear style.        颜色选择反映了周围环境。家具采用绿色,蓝色,灰色和红色的天然材料制成,以回应苔藓,水和熔岩的氧化特征。
      The colour selection reflects the surrounding environment. Furniture is finished with natural materials in shades of green, blue, grey and red to echo the moss, the water, and the oxidized features of lava.        套房周围环绕着水,就像护城河环绕城堡一样。它们既在熔岩内也在熔岩之上,跨越水,土,苔藓和天空之间的界限。
       The suite is surrounded by water, just like a moat surrounding a castle. They are both in the lava and on the lava, crossing the boundaries between water, soil, moss and the sky.       “Retreat的水疗中心是一个可以进入和穿越火山地球的地下区域,连接了Retreat和Blue Lagoon,同时专注于他们对斯堪的纳维亚奢华的追求,延续了​​斯堪的纳维亚设计的悠久传统。
       “Retreat's spa is an underground area that can enter and cross the volcanic earth, connecting Retreat and Blue Lagoon, while focusing on their pursuit of Scandinavian luxury, continuing the Scandinavian design. a long tradition.        总体而言,冰岛和意大利建筑师团队创造了一个充满工艺和注重细节的项目,专注于通过自然界产生的极端和强大力量与感官联系而提升的体验。
      Overall, the team of Icelandic and Italian architects have created a project infused with craftsmanship and attention to detail, focusing on an experience that is heightened by the connection to the senses via the extreme and powerful forces created by nature.


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