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Rane Interiors作品 | Saku餐厅,温哥华甜蜜奶油风日本餐厅

       Saku餐厅位于加拿大城市的市区,经过Rane Interiors室内设计室内外翻新,使用了奶油色细节、板条木、和Ikea Odger的椅子大幅改造现有的商业空间,让温哥华的一家日本餐厅变得光彩照人。
      Located in the downtown area of ​​the Canadian city, the Saku restaurant has been refurbished indoors and interiors by Rane Interiors, using cream details, slatted wood, and Ikea Odger chairs to transform the existing commercial space, making a Japanese restaurant in Vancouver shine.         这家餐厅是以大量的木材为特色,并采用浅色调营造出空间的当代美学。奶油色,橙色和柔和的焦糖色调用于餐厅的设计风格。
      This restaurant features a large amount of wood and contemporary aesthetics with light tones to create a space. Cream, orange and soft caramel tones are used in the design of the restaurant.        内部采用薄木板覆盖天花板,营造出干净舒适的魅力。在一个部分中,也放置这些板条垂直覆盖隐藏浴室区域的隔断。 另一面墙上的拱形壁龛可容纳一个长镜子,顶部有相似的弯曲角。这圆形细节也位于餐厅后面的厨房前面。
      The interior is covered with thin wood panels to create a clean and comfortable charm. In one section, these slats are also placed to vertically cover the partitions of the hidden bathroom area. The arched niche on the other wall accommodates a long mirror with a similar curved corner at the top. This round detail is also located in front of the kitchen behind the dining room.       内置座椅采用焦糖色皮革装饰,两侧各有橙色或灰色桌子。“ 枫木富有桌子,长长的座椅最大化空间,谦卑地提醒我们这是一个复古的餐厅。 由温哥华的Matthew McCormick设计的Halo灯具悬挂在天花板上。在浴室一个俏皮黄色壁纸是20世纪70年代意大利制造。
       The built-in seats are decorated in caramel-coloured leather with orange or grey tables on each side. “ Maple has a rich table, a long seat to maximize space, and humbly reminds us that this is a retro restaurant. The Halo luminaire designed by Vancouver's Matthew McCormick hangs from the ceiling. A playful yellow wallpaper in the bathroom was made in Italy in the 1970s.       重新设计的另一个要素是关注可持续设计。桌上的Formica's Terrazzo层压板重复使用固体层压板,而浅灰色的Odger椅子由Form Us With Love for IKEA设计是用木屑和再生塑料 制成。
      Another element of redesign is the focus on sustainable design. The Formica's Terrazzo laminate on the table reuses solid laminates, while the light grey Odger chair is designed from Form Us With Love for IKEA with wood chips and recycled plastic.


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