RACHEL WINHAM作品 | St Edmunds Terrace ,圣埃德蒙兹台 _ 印际


RACHEL WINHAM作品 | St Edmunds Terrace ,圣埃德蒙兹台

       这座令人惊叹的酒店距离Primrose Hill仅一箭之遥,散发着豪华气息。Rachel Winham入口大厅内美丽的手工瓷制吊灯为这间伦敦公寓营造出色调,并始终保持对细节的关注。每间卧室都注重定制床头板的设计,融合了材料,包括木材,镜子和织物。
      This stunning property located a stone’s throw away from Primrose Hill oozes luxury throughout. The beautiful handmade porcelain chandelier in the entrance hall sets the tone for this London apartment and the attention to detail is maintained throughout. Each bedroom has a focus on a bespoke design for the headboard wall, incorporating a blend of materials, including timber, mirror and fabrics.=


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