RACHEL WINHAM作品 | QUEEN ANNE’S GATE,紧邻白金汉宫的联排别墅 _ 印际



       位于威斯敏斯特中心的恢复后的安妮女王门(Queen Anne's Gate)联排别墅紧邻白金汉宫的宏伟建筑和国会大厦的古老建筑。这座联排别墅俯瞰着圣詹姆斯公园,Rachel Winham与建筑师和其他专业商人一起由该团队精心修复。
      The restored Queen Anne's Gate townhouse in the heart of Westminster is located close to the grand buildings of Buckingham Palace and the ancient buildings of the Houses of Parliament. Overlooking St James's Park, this townhouse has been carefully restored by Rachel Winham along with architects and other professional traders.
      The ground floor of the property includes a foyer with striking Queen Anne style staircases, a cloakroom, a formal dining room and a cigar room. On the ground floor, a spacious informal living room is adjacent to the kitchen in the summer courtyard. There is a staff dormitories in front of the hotel. The client of this project was a developer who worked closely with us to redesign the hotel while paying tribute to its many heritage features.
       成品设计增强了18的精美天然特征个  世纪体系结构,它包括的特性,通过错综复杂的设计的家具,照明功能和豪华的面料和饰面。
      The finished product design enhances 18 years of exquisite natural features of a century architecture, which includes features such as intricately designed furniture, lighting features and luxurious fabrics and finishes.


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