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Plantea Estudio作品 | K&Co by Plantea Estudio,极简主义餐厅

       K&C是一家位于西班牙马德里的极简主义餐厅,由Plantea Estudio设计。 Plantea Estudio从马德里周边社区的平原空间开始,试图营造清新明亮的环境,没有多余的元素或atrezzo。建筑试图直接与餐厅角色对应。在需要质量和设计的环境中提供一个温暖的地方,与市中心相同,但没有装饰和倾向。建筑中使用的材料同样符合“可持续”的想法。连续水泥地板,陶瓷块墙,一个天花板上的木纤维板,铁和胶合板外窗,以及外露的混凝土结构。天然棉织物窗帘,空间或内部和外部之间,有助于柔化内部的光线和声音混响,并为建议的裸体特征引入舒适的触感。表格是Plantea Estudio设计,用松木实木建造,与Ton椅子相配。漆面铁凳采用EXT设计,玻璃灯泡吊灯均为Menu。
      K&Co is a minimalist restaurant interior located in Madrid, Spain, designed by Plantea Estudio. Plantea Estudio started from a plain space in a peripheral neighborhood in Madrid, trying to achieve a fresh and luminous ambient, without superfluous elements or atrezzo. Architecture tries to correspond directly with the restaurant character. Offers a warm place in an environment in need of quality and design, the same that can be found at the city center, but free of decoration and tendencies. The materials used in construction respond equally to a Ǯsustainableǯ idea. Continuous cement floors, ceramic block walls, wood fiber boards on one ceiling, iron and plywood exterior windows, combined with the exposed concrete structure. The natural cotton fabric curtains, between spaces or the interior and exterior, help to soften the light and the sound reverberation inside, and introduce a cozy touch to the nude character of the proposal.Tables are a Plantea Estudio design, built with pine solid wood, matching with the Ton chairs. Lacquered iron stools are by EXT design, and the glass bulb pendant lights are by Menu.


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