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Pascali Semerdjian作品 | MMS House,轻松浪漫的生活

       色彩斑斓的钢窗点缀着这座房子的砖墙。MMS House最近由当地Pascali Semerdjian公司完成。
      Colorful steel windows adorned the brick walls of the house. MMS House was recently completed by Pascali Semerdjian, a local company.
From the street, the house is on the sides of two open houses protected by an inconspicuous metal wall. The wall defines a courtyard that occupies the front area.
       这些空间是为家庭聚会和娱乐而设计的。我们构思了一个综合的空间来刺激居民的社会互动,”Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos在2010成立的一份声明中说。
      These spaces are designed for family gatherings and entertainment. We conceived a comprehensive space to stimulate social interaction among residents, "Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos said in a statement set up in 2010.
      The living room floor is made of recycled wood. Sliding glass walls allow the area to open to the back yard and can be entered through the terrace. The kitchen is near the dining room, but it can be closed by another sliding door.
       “为了更加舒适,我们最大化自然光收集,通风和户外接触在所有环境中,”Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos说。它有时会在树梢高高的街道上开放,或者开放到一个热带花园的户外区域。
      "In order to be more comfortable, we maximize natural light collection, ventilation and outdoor contact in all environments," Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos said. It sometimes opens on the high streets of trees, or opens to a tropical garden outdoor area.
      Exterior walls are more and more offset at the top of buildings, resulting in larger gaps between them. The architect chose bright metal tinted doors and windows to compare brick masonry.
       巴西人口最多的城市拥有多种多样的私人住宅。最近完成的住宅在大都市和周围的范围从一个小公寓,由Casa 100建筑装修到郊区的一个由一个膨胀的混凝土屋顶覆盖。
      The most populous city in Brazil has a wide variety of private residences. The recently completed housing in the metropolitan and surrounding areas from a small apartment, decorated by the Casa 100 building to a suburb, is covered by an expansive concrete roof.


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