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OSO 建筑事务所 | 日本豪华公寓“青山雅筑”

       Westbank西岸集团为高档的豪华私人公寓的开发商,也是加拿大最顶级酒店的发展商,其中,由BIG担纲建筑设计的温哥华一号公馆成为全世界最受瞩目的城市发展项目。The Avior青山雅筑位于东京最知名的商圈表参道附近——南青山社区,这里有青木淳设计的Louis Vuitton路易威登之家、伊东丰雄设计的Tod’s、隈研吾设计的LVMH 法国酩悦路易酩悦总部、Tadao Ando安藤忠雄设计的表参道之丘购物中心等等。
      Westbank West Coast Group is a developer of high-end luxury private apartments and a developer of the top hotels in Canada. Among them, the Vancouver One Mansion, designed by BIG, has become the most watched urban development project in the world. The Avior Castle Peak is located in the Nanqingshan neighborhood near Omotesando, Tokyo's most famous business district. There is Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton House designed by Aoki Aoki, Tod's designed by Ito Toshiro, and LVMH designed by Kengo Kuma. Mouyue Headquarters, Omotesando Shopping Center designed by Tadao Ando Ando Tadao.       建筑设计由Michael Sypkens和Esteban Ochogavia创立的日本OSO建筑事务所担纲,两位设计师曾师从隈研吾,受西方建筑结构稳定性的影响,吸收日本瞬态、虚幻的建筑理念,从而产生灵感——当固定和暂时的元素互相交错层叠、融合时,建筑的意义便油然而生。
      The architectural design was created by Michael Sypkens and Esteban Ochogavia, the Japanese OSO Architects. The two designers studied under the influence of the stability of Western architecture and absorbed the transient and illusory architectural concepts of Japan. - When fixed and temporary elements are interlaced and fused, the meaning of the building is born.
      The Avior青山雅筑的名字来源于海山二星,也被称为Avior,由两颗恒星绕着其共同的重心轨道环绕的恒星系统,因此,它是一个与项目发展历史相呼应的名字,两个建筑的过去与未来紧紧相连。力量与柔软、永恒与无常、经历与体验,这种由两个或多个元素组成的复合物,或对比、或相辅相成的结合并形成某种新事物的概念,设计师将这些主题融合在一起,便形成了青山雅筑的设计故事。
       The name of The Avior is derived from the seamount two stars, also known as Avior, a star system surrounded by two stars orbiting its common center of gravity. Therefore, it is a name that echoes the history of the project, two The past and future of architecture are closely linked. Strength and softness, eternality and impermanence, experience and experience, a complex of two or more elements, or a combination of contrasting or complementary forms that form a new thing, the designer blends these themes together It formed the design story of Qingshan Yazhu. 
      The Avior青山雅筑是在两座现有的相邻建筑上进行改造, 对于拥有不同历史、居住者、外立面、内部结构,甚至不同环境氛围的完全独立的住宅楼,将他们按比例混合在一起,这既是一门科学,也是一门艺术。同时也是青山雅筑设计故事的开始。
      The Avior is a renovation of two existing adjacent buildings. For fully independent residential buildings with different histories, occupants, facades, internal structures and even different environments, they are mixed proportionally. Together, this is both a science and an art. It is also the beginning of the story of Qingshan Yazhu Design.
      “我们希望保留原有的构造语言, 但也故意与之相矛盾。 例如,入口大厅的混凝土墙体用地板来进行软化,数千个小卵石紧凑在一起,精致得与之对比,一堵乍一看认为是金属的墙壁,仔细一看却是金属灰泥,冲突却也和谐的反映出周围环境。”设计师说。光线通过和纸的过滤氤氲于空间中,柔和、细腻,映射之下,金属墙面更显斑驳、沉静,仿若历史与未来在此对望、缅怀、交流。
      “We want to preserve the original construction language, but it also deliberately contradicts it. For example, the concrete wall of the entrance hall is softened with the floor, and thousands of small pebbles are compact and contrasted, a contrast. At first glance, it is a metal wall. When you look at it carefully, it is metal plaster. The conflict also reflects the surrounding environment harmoniously," the designer said. Light and paper are filtered in the space, soft and delicate. Under the map, the metal wall is more mottled and quiet, just like history and future are looking forward to, remembering and communicating.
      Space solidifies people's needs, emotions and aesthetics, and passes them on to generations of people, infiltrating into their character and ideals, to constitute the witness of human history and the symbol of culture.

      在日本的美学思想中,艺术创作源于对自然生命的感受,不矫饰、不夸张做作、不违背自然事物的状态以及人的自然天性和情感,注重内在的含蓄及冼练的高雅。室内外消隐过渡,一个生活空间转到另一个自然空间,竹叶摇曳,玻璃窗闪烁着微光,神秘跳跃的光点,都使空间充满趣味感。除此之外,住宅重新诠释“奢华“,其奢在于,融合了日本和西方的美学、传统与未来,隐居与接洽,平衡生活方式的安居之处。是一个可以感动他们,刺激他们,留在他们记忆深处的地方。 洗炼者,务去陈言,务去赘物,宁简勿繁,宁少勿多,宁缺勿滥。以简洁纯粹反观奢华,大简及大奢。
      In Japan's aesthetic thought, artistic creation stems from the feeling of natural life, unpretentious, not exaggerated, not contradicting the state of natural things and the natural nature and emotions of human beings, focusing on the inner subtle and refined elegance. The indoor and outdoor disappearance transition, a living space to another natural space, bamboo leaves swaying, glass windows shimmering with shimmer, mysterious jumping light points, make the space full of fun. In addition, the house reinterprets “luxury”, and its luxury lies in the integration of Japanese and Western aesthetics, traditions and futures, seclusion and contact, and a balanced lifestyle. It is a place where you can touch them, stimulate them, and stay in the depths of their memories. The smelter, go to Chen Yan, go to the stolen goods, Ning Jian do not prosperous, rather than more, rather than lack of abuse. In a succinct and pure view of luxury, big and simple.
      细节构成了空间,空间则成就了细节。地板墙壁层层过度,融为一体。抹灰表面,抽象黑漆厨房橱柜,背光条纹 玛瑙,材料和纹理相互层叠,呈现出深层的氛围和温和的过渡。使空间赋予新的生命。
      The details make up the space, and the space makes the details. The floor walls are layered and integrated. Plastered surface, abstract black lacquered kitchen cabinets, backlit stripes Agate, material and texture stacked on top of each other, presenting a deep atmosphere and a gentle transition. Give space to a new life.
      顶层天台最大化的模糊室内外界限,以透明的玻璃材质作为隔断,纹理的质感与平滑的外层相搭配,微妙的反射仿佛在闪闪发光的表面上舞蹈。“青山雅筑的地理位置奠定了它的地位,把当代建筑与工匠文化带进了小巷和幽美的林荫大道里,将东京最好的一面展现在你面前。” 加拿大西岸集团总裁伊恩·格莱斯宾说。
      The top and bottom of the roof maximizes the blurring of the indoor and outdoor boundaries, with transparent glass as the partition, the texture of the texture matches the smooth outer layer, and the subtle reflections seem to dance on the shiny surface. “The location of Aoyama Yazhu has established its position, bringing contemporary architecture and artisan culture into the alleys and beautiful boulevards, presenting the best of Tokyo to you.” Ian, President of West Coast Group, Canada · Glysbin said.
      我们不想过度设计或去固定某种生活方式。建筑的内部拥有11间公寓和2套顶层复式豪宅,每套住宅都是宽敞而通风的开放式房型,极高的天花挑高空间,同时,落地窗可俯瞰窗外的树木,在生活与自然之间舒缓共生。 所以在原本的结构下,室内则采用最简洁的材质,回顾历史之下,亦能更好的审视内心,着眼未来,把永恒不朽重新诠释为一种新的产物。
      We don't want to over-design or fix a certain lifestyle. The interior of the building has 11 apartments and 2 penthouses, each with a spacious and airy open plan, with high ceilings and high space, while floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the trees outside the window, between life and nature. Soothes symbiosis. Therefore, under the original structure, the interior adopts the most succinct material. Looking back at history, it can better examine the heart, focus on the future, and reinterpret eternal immortality as a new product.
      日式的质地、轻盈与细节,是设计的精髓所在,鹅卵石或条纹竹地板,威尼斯石膏,粉刷墙壁,和纸窗户的运用,便可查设计师对材料,光线和纹 理的探索和以小见大的细节追求。上帝说:“要有光”。于是有了光,它是我们感知世界的基础,亦是抚慰人心的温度。
      Japanese texture, lightness and detail are the essence of the design. Pebble or striped bamboo flooring, Venetian plaster, painted walls, and paper windows can be used to explore the designer's exploration of materials, light and texture. Great detail pursuit. God said: "There is light." Then there is light, which is the basis of our perception of the world, and the temperature that soothes the heart.
      Living in the bedroom, the shadows of the trees are mapped to the wall through the windows. The natural light always gives people a soft and comfortable feeling without any words, supplemented by a large area of ​​white, and the meaning of tranquility comes to life.


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