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Official Design作品 | 达拉斯联排别墅,突出其原有的魅力!

      Official Design在德克萨斯州达拉斯市改造的一栋两居室住宅使其焕然一新,专注于建筑的原始细节,并确保内部充足的自然光线。
      Official Design's two-bedroom home in Dallas, Texas has been refurbished to focus on the original details of the building and ensure plenty of natural light inside.
      该建筑由当地建筑师Bud Oglesby于20世纪80年代建造,拥有高高的天花板和各种户外区域以及充足的玻璃窗。
      Built by local architect Bud Oglesby in the 1980s, the building has high ceilings and a variety of outdoor areas as well as plenty of glazed windows.
      Official Design巧妙地更新了现有的布局,创造了一个光线充足的住宅,其最新的装修与建筑的风格保持一致。
      Official Design subtly updates the existing layout to create a well-lit home with the latest décor and architectural style.

      A major aspect of the refurbishment project was the removal of the walls that closed the kitchen from the main living area. Now, on the first floor there is an open kitchen, dining room and living room.      他们打开了封闭式厨房,重新组织了一个互补的弧形墙后面的支撑空间,这个墙壁与Oglesby最初的雕塑楼梯和楼梯相连。
      They opened the enclosed kitchen and reorganized the support space behind a complementary curved wall that was connected to Oglesby's original sculpture stairs and stairs.
      As a result, sunlight can be passed from the front of the house to the back kitchen. Located behind the house is a laundry room, bathroom and two-car garage.A semi-circular window above the front door illuminates the entrance, while the upper courtyard and two courtyards further help to bring the outdoors into the room.
      最初的楼梯通往两间卧室,每间卧室均设有私人浴室和步入式衣柜。对于主卧室,内置的工作台取代了橱柜,而壁炉则采用粉末涂层钢材进行了重新设计 - 与底层的第二个炉膛相匹配。
      The original staircase leads to two bedrooms, each with a private bathroom and walk-in closet.For the master bedroom, the built-in workbench replaces the cabinet, while the fireplace is redesigned with powder-coated steel – matching the second furnace on the ground floor.
      For interiors, the walls are smoothed to enlarge the natural light entering the house and celebrate the “formal geometry of the original design,” the studio said. These surfaces are painted white to match the exterior.


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