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Norm Architects新作 | Sticks’n’Sushi,北欧质感与日本美学相遇

      Norm Architects最近完成伦敦第一家Sticks'n'Sushi餐厅的设计,餐厅位于时尚和高端的切尔西中心King's Road。共有三层楼,可容纳220位客人,是哥本哈根Norm迄今为止设计的最大餐厅。
      Norm Architects have completed the interior design of the first Sticks ‘n’ Sushi restaurant in London, located on King’s Road in the heart of chic and high-end Chelsea. The restaurant seats over 220 guests over a span of three floors, making it the largest restaurant project for the Danish architects to date.        进入一楼后,客人将会看到一个明亮而精致的空间,由橡木桌面,椅子,隔板墙和地板的组成的开放空间,轻盈透明的纺织品在夜间点亮时将空间分隔开并构成半透明的轻质元素。灯笼般的白色灯具在半私人用餐室的大型大理石桌子周围营造出温馨的空间。
      Upon entering the 1st floor, the guest is met by a bright and sophisticated space, conveyed by the oak tabletops, chairs, partition panel walls and open plan of the floor. Light, transparent textiles divide the space and make up translucent, light-bearing elements when they’re lit up at night. The lantern-like, white lamps create an intimate space around the large marble table in the semi-private dining room.        整个餐厅的纺织品都经过精心挑选,以适应各种环境:在需要的地方建造温暖的私人休息区,灯光安装在微妙,优雅的房间隔断中,与空间搭配。
      The textiles throughout the restaurant were carefully selected to suit the various settings: heavy where needed to create a warm and private seating area and light where installed as subtle, elegant room dividers that play with the light.       丹麦元素包括Carl Hansen&Son椅子,这些椅子在整个餐厅使用,作为丹麦设计遗产,优质木制品和工艺的参考。所有餐厅的墙壁都涂有挪威油漆品牌佐敦的石灰涂料,营造出柔软质感的饰面。
      Danish elements include the Carl Hansen & Son chairs that are used throughout the restaurant as a reference to Danish design heritage, quality woodwork and craftsmanship. All of the restaurant's walls are painted with lime paints by Norwegian paint brand Jotun to give a soft textured finish.


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