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Norm Architects新作 | Reydon Grove农舍,与乡村环境相得益彰

      With no shortage of space, the home was kept to a single-storey, spread across a generous 247-square metres. A central hallway runs the length of the interior, segmenting the public and private areas. With the entirely glass views, this gives the home plenty of warm and fuzzy spots to bask in the sun and look out to the surrounding pastures.        Norm建筑事务所已经习惯了严酷的冬天,他们一直致力于通过光线和材料将自然融入其中。它不是一个没有明火聚集的英国乡村住所,两个烟囱都是用深灰色砖砌而成,旨在随着年龄的增长与木材覆层协调。
      Used to the harsh winters in Denmark, Norm Architects have continued their focus on bringing nature inside both with lighting and materials. It wouldn’t be an English countryside abode without an open fire to gather and both chimneys are made from dark grey brickwork, intended to harmonise with the timber cladding as it ages.        可以肯定地说,Reydon Grove农场以真正的Norm精神逃离这个国家。 Norm Architects团队已经认识到在美学,材料和工艺方面的耐用性需要远远超出传统的现代农舍。
      Safe to say, the Reydon Grove Farm is an escape to the country in true Norm Architects spirit. The Norm Architects team have acknowledged the need for durability in aesthetic, materiality and craftsmanship to push far beyond the conventional modern farmhouse.


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