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Norm Architects新作 | Modernist Residence,现代主义北欧风情

      Modernist Residence位于丹麦的Vedbaek,由Norm Architects设计,拥有极简主义的内饰。这所房子建于1970年,拥有维护良好的现代主义北欧风情。 这个四口之家居住在这片宝石般的土地上,依偎在森林之中,坐落在Vedbaek的最高点,优雅地融入了山坡。
      Modernist Residence is a minimalist interior located Vedbaek, Denmark, designed by Norm Architects.The house was built in 1970 and boasts a well-maintained modernist Scandinavian appeal. A family of four resides in this gem idyllically located by the forest on the highest point of Vedbaek town, gracefully integrated in the hill side.
      房子更新了内部平面布局,分成几个小房间,开放式的空间以满足家庭的需求。采用触觉天然材料和表面,以唤起更永恒的感觉和美感,随着时间的推移,砖墙,橡木,灰色大理石和所有定制元素的简洁线条都会变得有光泽。 周围的大自然通过落地窗进入空间。
      Having updated the interior floor plan from a house divided into several small rooms, the house has been opened up to meet the needs of the family. Tactile natural materials and surfaces have been implemented to evoke a more timeless feel and aesthetic, with plastered brick walls, soap finish oak, grey marble and clean lines in all bespoke elements. All materials will patinate gracefully over time. The surrounding nature is invited into the space through the floor-to-ceiling windows. 


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