No.12 Design ‘The AllBright’,Philippe Starck的Quadri餐厅 _ 印际


No.12 Design ‘The AllBright’,Philippe Starck的Quadri餐厅

      The club will become a space for women to thrive. Members will visit the workspace, hold meetings and social events, and organize planning events, lectures, exhibitions, debates, and networking parties. The on-site treatment room also allows members to relax, recharge and meditate.
      The West End, located on the third floor of the building, is where members can relax in the Prosecco bar and cocktail bar. The bar is decorated with rich gold and brass shades and a marbled table with custom upholstered plexiglass chairs.
       Lopokova位于地下一层,设有美容吧,美容室和健康中心,提供由伦敦Form Studios创始人Elissa El Hadj经营的护理和健身课程。这些设施还包括两个淋浴和一个储物柜区。
      Located on the lower ground floor, Lopokova features a beauty bar, beauty salon and wellness centre. It offers nursing and fitness classes run by Elissa El Hadj, the founder of Form Studios in London. These facilities also include two showers and a locker area.
       受到俄罗斯芭蕾舞演员Lydia Lopokova的启发,它的特色是梳妆台上摆放着灰色天鹅绒椅子,镜面墙壁,黄铜烛台和Kelly Wearstler的壁纸。
      Inspired by the Russian ballerina Lydia Lopokova, it features grey velvet chairs, mirrored walls, brass candlesticks and Kelly Wearstler wallpaper on the dresser.


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