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New York作品 | Balance Of Gestures,充满情感的设计

      When you walk into the apartments of real estate developer don capousea and his husband tommi banks, you may not realize that their apartments span two buildings in new York city.
      The two-year renovation and construction are seamless. once the structural project is completed, the challenge is to turn the two completely different spaces into one space. The existing architecture embodies the charm of one hundred years, and the new architecture is modern in nature.
      The aim is to return the old apartments to their basic state so that when the two are connected, they can always maintain a feeling of unity. Grow old and new.
      One of the main lines of luxury materials is the beautiful and rare finish that runs through the entire apartment space - Jordan limestone on the floor and wall of the main bathroom. Morocco's particularly exquisite ceiling; Limestone floor.
      The architect incorporated the original elements of the old building frame, such as the wooden details on the existing arched windows and the venetian stone shells on all doors. This is a balance of carefully designed gestures or surprises within a strong architectural framework.


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