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Neri&Hu作品 | 上海Chi-Q餐厅,细腻与活力的平衡

      The Chi-Q restaurant is situated in the city's Three on the Bund building, which was constructed in 1916 and has ceilings that rise five metres high.Neri&Hu revolve around what the studio calls the "dramatic yet often neglected atrium" at the centre of the restaurant, which serves Korean food.       Neri&Hu为餐厅设计了充满戏剧性的明亮中庭,木梁还将人的视线引向至金属镶板天花板,而墙壁上的条状照明则突出了中庭的高度。
      Neri&Hu designs dramatic light-filled atrium for Shanghai restaurant, Wooden beams also lead the eye upwards to a metal panelled ceiling, while strip lighting placed on the walls emphasises the height of the atrium.        由其独特的光线,阴影和反射图案组成,引起了森林的天幕,温暖的金属天花板是贯穿整个用餐空间的决定性特征。
      With its unique composition of light, shadows and reflective patterns that evoke the canopy of a forest, the warm-toned metal ceiling is the defining feature that runs throughout the entire dining space.        墙壁上覆盖着木炭木板,入口处的环形挂件迎接了食客,其中包括一个设计用于参考传统韩屋的木门。在餐厅的其他地方沉没的座位是滑动穿孔分隔,酒吧和用餐区设有混凝土和木地板。
      The walls were covered with charcoal wood and the ring pendant at the entrance welcomed the diners, including a wooden door designed to reference traditional Hanok. Sinking seats elsewhere in the restaurant are sliding perforations separated by bars and dining areas with concrete and wooden floors.
       对于实质性的深入理解,主餐厅内的醒目氛围让人回想起韩国料理的丰富性 - 空间和食物在细腻,原始和充满活力之间取得了平衡。
      With a deep understanding of materiality, the striking atmosphere inside the main dining space recalls the richness of Korean cuisine – both space and food representing a balance between the delicate, the raw and the vibrant.


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