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Neri&Hu作品 | Capo意大利餐厅,耐人寻味的文化艺术气息

      Capo Restaurant is located on the fifth floor of a 1911 building in Shanghai's "Rock Bund Source" as a design concept for the modern Italian restaurant Neri & Hu. The Capo Restaurant has an intriguing cultural and artistic flavor, as the old building looks like.       Neri&Hu没采用开放式的配置,而是有意识地决定将餐厅分割成一系列不同规模的独特的房间,每个房间都有独特的个性,同时还将空间捕捉成小插曲,同时体现出一致的视野通过实质性和空间排序。
      Rather than default to an open plan configuration, Neri&Hu makes the conscious decision to carve up the restaurant into a series of distinct rooms at various scales, each with a unique character, and as such, capturing spaces as vignettes, whilst still embodying a consistent vision through materiality and spatial sequencing.       餐厅的中央是一排长而线性的主餐厅,由一排排细长的木柱构成,侧面的过道平行于两侧,用于流通。用Crudo酒吧和比萨烤箱作为书挡,定制设计的桌子和椅子沿着两者之间的长度严格地排列成一个似pew的形状。木质和青铜色碰撞为灰色的砖背景带来温暖和细腻的气息,手工吹制的玻璃灯和椅子上的皮革细节表明了工艺和亲密感。
      The central spine of the restaurant is a long and linear Main Dining Hall framed by rows of slender wood columns, with side aisles that run parallel on both sides for circulation. With the Crudo Bar and Pizza Oven as bookends to the space, the custom designed tables and chairs are rigorously aligned in a pew-like formation along the length in between. Wood and bronze accents bring hints of warmth and refinement to the rusticated gray brick backdrop, while hand-blown glass lights and leather strap details on the chairs suggest craft and intimacy.       天花上上,模塑石膏天花板瓷砖,唤起传统的天花板壁画,照亮空间,通过大厅两侧的柱廊,一系列较小的小教堂般的空间分开,包含接待,葡萄酒和雪茄休息室,厨房,露天甲板和私人用餐室。通过黑暗和沉重的门槛,人们发现这些独特的房间,每一个都从墙上,从卡拉瓦乔到提香重新诠释经典文艺复兴时期画作。被画的笔触的明暗对比在空间体验的对比中发现了共鸣,从狭窄的走廊只穿着砖头到高高的白色石膏光滑的壁龛。
      Above head, relief molded plaster ceiling tiles, evoking traditional ceiling frescos, brighten the space and guide the eye upwards. Through the colonnade on either side of the main hall, a series of smaller chapel-like spaces branch off, containing the Reception, Wine and Cigar Lounge, Kitchen, Outdoor Deck and Private Dining Rooms. Passing through dark and heavy thresholds, one discovers these unique rooms, each featuring original reinterpretations of classic Renaissance paintings on the walls, from Caravaggio to Titian. The chiaroscuro of the painted brushstroke finds resonance in the contrast of spatial experiences, from a narrow hallway clad only in brick to a high domed niche smoothed with white plaster.        空间之旅的戏剧只有厨师准备食物本身的奇观才能与之相媲美。这是一个意欲被消耗的空间,就像食物的完美咬合,将你带回那种既熟悉又令人兴奋的事物。
      The drama of the spatial journey is rivaled only by the spectacle of the chefs preparing the food itself, as glimpsed through various framed views of the Show Kitchen. It is a space that is meant to be consumed, like the perfect bite of food that brings you back to that which is at once familiar and exhilarating.


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