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NaòsDesign Srl作品 | 亚洲魅力日本餐厅<锦>Nishiki

      The modern style combined with a personal déco revisitation and a strong "Asian glamor" characterization, embellished by the elegant light installation that dominates the ceiling of the internal rooms, transports the customer into an atmosphere that lets him float between New York and Shanghai, accompanied by the notes of Jazz music.        在2017年9月精致的日本餐厅<锦>以崭新的面貌重新开放,集合了众所周知的日本料理和日本极简主义风格的原创鸡尾酒吧。新高雅的窗户在全高的视觉冲击下,透过烟熏色的青铜色玻璃,展现了内部及其色彩。
      In September 2017, the refined Japanese restaurant Nishiki has reopened its doors with a new look that integrates with the already well-known Japanese cuisine and an original cocktail bar inspired by Japanese minimalism.The visual impact of the new and elegant windows at full height, give a glimpse of the interior and its colors through the smoky colored bronze glass.        Nishiki<锦>是由米兰建筑公司NaòsDesign Srl进行全面风格翻新的作品,其创意过程与场地所有者周小波先生密切合作。入口处有三层带有古董亚麻插入物的分层玻璃,这是一个想回顾历史和亚洲文化的艺术品,陪伴公众走向伟大的大殿。通过发光装置,在天花板上移动的“香槟”效果的金属网状网络,与由工作室设计的舒适的装饰沙发形成鲜明对比,经典与现代风格融合在一个精致而迷人的组合中。
      Nishiki is the result of a complete stylistic renewal by the Milanese architecture firm Naòs Design Srl, with a creative process in close synergy with the owner of the premises, Mr. Xiaobo Zhou.In the entrance there are three stratified glass with antique linen insert, a work of art that wants to recall the history and the Asian culture, accompanying the public towards the great main hall.Through the luminous installation, a "champagne" effect metal mesh network that moves sinuously on the ceilings, in contrast with the comfortable deco sofas designed by the studio, the classic and modern style are combined in a refined and glamorous combination.


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