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Morpheus London作品 | Oceanic House Penthouse,伦敦顶层复式公寓

       Morpheus London最近完成了在伦敦圣詹姆斯标志性的Oceanic House的顶层复式公寓的设计。Oceanic House的历史可以追溯到1907年,沉浸在英国历史中,然而2018年则是Oceanic House发展的下一个篇章,顶层公寓的时尚现代为建筑提供了一套全新的设计原则。
      Morpheus London are excited to announce the completion of the Duplex Penthouse interior design scheme at the iconic Oceanic House in St James, London. Dating back to 1907, Oceanic House is steeped in British history, however 2018 brings the next chapter in Oceanic House’s evolution, with the sleek contemporary architecture of the penthouse providing a fresh set of design principals.       Morpheus采用建筑方向,但对建筑的豪华海上旅行历史和下层木质镶板进行了微妙的点头,创造了一种现代风格的内饰,其灵感源自优雅的抽象水运动。
      Taking direction from the architecture, but with a subtle nod to the building’s luxury maritime travel history and wooden panelling on the lower floor, Morpheus have created a contemporary styled interior threaded with inspiration from the graceful forms of abstract water movement.        调色板是一个混合钢铁般的蓝色与柔软的中性色和对比色的木炭。黑色胡桃木和浅灰色木质家具与地毯内的蓝色海洋形成鲜明对比,以温暖的黄铜细节和银色星爆为特色。
      The colour palette is a mixture of steely blues with soft neutrals and contrasting charcoals. The black walnut and light grey timber furniture contrasts perfectly against the sea of blues within the rugs, highlighted by accents of warm brass detailing and silver starbursts.       灯光指的是水中气泡的运动,双层入口大厅的定制布艺镶板艺术灵感来自于水的分散。这些细节巧妙地贯穿在顶层公寓的整个内部,营造出一个拥有凝聚风格的现代风格。
      The lighting draws reference to the movement of air bubbles within water and the bespoke fabric panelled art in the double height entrance hall has been inspired by the dispersion of water. These details subtly run throughout the whole interior of the penthouse for a cohesively styled contemporary setting.       从时尚的大理石浴室到poggenpohl厨房和接待处的纹理金属丝带壁炉,每层现代奢华都经过精心设计,与历史特色并行。
      Ranging from the sleek marble bathrooms to the poggenpohl kitchen and textured metal ribbon fireplace in the reception, each layer of contemporary luxury has been carefully crafted to sit in parallel to the historical features.


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