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Morpheus London作品 | Nova Penthouse,顶层复式样板房

       Morpheus London最近在'Nova SW1'完成了第二个展示样板房。顶层公寓位于12楼,享有白金汉宫,西区和Belgravia繁忙街道的无与伦比的景致,并可从私人露台欣赏到360度的城市景观。
      Morpheus London have recently completed their second show apartment for Land Securities at ‘Nova SW1’. The penthouse is located on the 12th floor and offers uncompromised views of Buckingham Palace, the West End and the busy streets of Belgravia as well as a 360 view of the city from the private terrace.        在现代主义建筑设计的指导下,Morpheus从现代艺术中汲取灵感。内饰反映了这一运动的大胆,这种灵感通过在床头板,艺术品和地毯等定制作品中使用颜色巧妙地贯穿整个空间。
      Guided by the modernist architecture of the Nova building, Morpheus took inspiration from modern art. The interiors reflect the boldness this movement and this inspiration is subtly carried throughout the property by the use of colour in bespoke pieces such as the headboards, artwork and rugs.        该设计反映了60-70运动的现代性,使用抽象的颜色画笔导致几何图案。 Nova建筑的外观通过使用几何形状和使用颜色阻挡来唤起Mondrian的艺术作品。这间顶层公寓专为个人而设计,既独特又具有冒险精神,并对艺术,设计和细节有着大胆的欣赏。
      The design reflects the modernity of the 60-70’s movement with the use of abstract brushes of colour leading to geometric patterns. The façade of the Nova building evokes Mondrian’s artworks with the use of geometric shapes and the use of colour blocking. This penthouse was designed for an individual that is unique, adventurous and with a bold appreciation for art and design as well as detailing.


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