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Morpheus London作品 | Marylebone,艺术收藏家的住所

       Morpheus London受委托为马里波恩的私人客户创建一个错层式公寓。作为一个狂热的艺术收藏家,为他的作品创造一个互补和增强的背景是至关重要的。现代,美观,舒适,功能齐全。设计的每个方面,从基本规格到配件,都经过精心策划,大部分家具都是定制设计和定制的。
      Morpheus London were commissioned to create a split-level apartment for a private client in Marylebone. Being an avid art collector, it was vital to create a complementary and enhancing backdrop for his pieces; contemporary, beautiful, yet comfortable and functional. Every aspect of the design, from base specifications to accessories, has been carefully curated with the majority of the furniture being bespoke designed and custom made.        接待处分为正式和非正式空间,使用奶油色,蓝色和灰色托盘组合形式的正式空间,以及棕色和烧橙色的组合,用于非正式区域,此外还有各种家具形式和材料。非正式客厅的背景是一个令人惊叹的屏风,其特点是独特纹理,过滤光线,唤起蒙德里安生活画的感觉。
      The reception has been divided into formal and informal spaces by using a combination of cream, blue and grey colour pallets for the formal space and a combination of brown and burned orange for the informal area in addition to diverse furniture forms and materials. The background for the informal sitting room is a stunning screen characterised by a unique texture of a specialist, rusted finish allowing the light to filter through, evoking the feeling of a living Mondrian painting.       在这个相同的开放式空间中,餐桌和架空吊灯相互配合;强烈的极简主义形式凸显出宝石般的深蓝色漆面和拉丝铜的温暖。
      In this same open-plan space resides the dining table and the overhead chandelier, which have been designed to complement each other;strong minimalist forms are elevated with jewel-like tones of navy blue lacquer finish and the warmth of brushed copper.       该项目的一个关键特征是楼梯将下层的起居区与楼上的卧室连接起来。中心吊灯,悬挂在天花板上的醒目的白色雪花石膏球簇,被海蓝色的墙壁所抵消。
      A key feature of the project is the staircase that links the living area on the lower floor to the bedrooms on the upper floor. The centrepiece chandelier, a striking cluster of white alabaster spheres suspended from the ceiling is offset by the navy walls.        楼上无可争议的焦点是全高,软垫,海蓝色床头板,内置雪花壁灯。所有这些高度考虑的设计都会产生一个多层次的方案,这个方案具有很强的影响力,允许每个房间留下印象,同时仍然形成一个有凝聚力的故事。
      The indisputable focal point on the upper floor is the full height, upholstered, navy headboard with built-in alabaster wall lights. The custom design is characterised by fabric and leather panelling, decorative stitching and bronze trims. All of this highly considered design results in a multi-layered scheme which is highly impactful, allowing each room to make an impression whilst still forming a cohesive story.


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