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Morpheus London作品 | Centre Point,伦敦奢华样板房

       Morpheus London由Almacantar任命,在最近完成的开发项目Center Point中设计了一个新的展示公寓,从建筑的历史中汲取灵感,同时牢记其所处的充满活力和创造性的区域。独特的外观和阳刚之气一直是设计的核心。
      Morpheus London was given the rare opportunity to work on one of London’s most Iconic landmarks, Centre Point Residences. Appointed by Almacantar, Morpheus designed a new show apartment within the recently completed development drawing inspiration from the building’s architecture and history, while keeping in mind the vibrant and creative area it resides in. The distinctive façade and its masculinity has been the core of the design concept, offset by the colour palette and the choice of materials. It was vital to create a scheme that is as unique as the Centre Point Residences are, so it consists almost entirely of bespoke furniture in addition to carefully curated artwork.        从进入公寓的那一刻起,Morpheus就必须实现强烈的视觉冲击。引人注目的入口走廊设有黑色木质镶板和美丽的对比色地板; Miguel Vallinas Prietro的超现实主义艺术品增强了其特色,而精致的定制镜面玄关柜则提升了空间品质。
      It was imperative to Morpheus to achieve a strong visual impact from the moment you enter the apartment. The dramatic entrance hallway features black wooden panelling and beautiful contrasting flooring; its characteristics enhanced with surrealistic artwork by Miguel Vallinas Prietro while the delicate, bespoke mirrored console opposite elevates the space. Additionally the textured three-dimensional artwork further down the hall is a fantastic focal point while seated at the dining table.        起居室内的特色柜体用强烈的线性角度呼应建筑外观,而镜子和黄铜元素则使前者变得柔和。餐桌上也采用了相同的概念,镜面桌面可以反射装饰柜和令人惊叹的景观。
      The feature joinery in the living room uses strong linear angles echoing the brutalist façade of the building whilst the mirror and brass elements soften the former. The same concept has been applied to the dining table, where the mirrored top allows reflections of the joinery and the stunning views. The joinery wraps around the reception room forming unity within the space, maximising storage and seating space whilst allowing for unobstructed city views. Tactile woven leather benches not only create contrast to the calm greys of the veneer but provide an excellent resting place with fabulous views of Soho and Oxford Street.        主卧室的床头板与客厅装饰柜的设计相呼应,其中玛瑙灯采用黄铜制成,由戏剧性的壁灯构成。不对称的弧形桌子强调了这个开放式套房的连通房间的运动流量。
      The Master Bedroom features a headboard that echoes the design of the living room joinery, with onyx lights built in amongst brass pieces, framed by dramatic wall lights. The asymmetric, curved desk opposite emphasises movement flow in this open plan, ensuite room.        客房卧室略显女性化,多层次的内部继续遵循棱角分明的主题。独特的矮柜采用分层几何面板,黄铜框架和玻璃顶部。床头板和床架采用富有燃烧的橙色皮革装饰,内置织物。Morpheus将这个标志性的建筑推进了其历史的下一个篇章。
      The slightly more feminine, multi-layered interior of the Guest Bedroom continues to follow the angular theme. The unique sideboard features layered geometric door fronts, brass frame and a smoke glass top. The headboard and bed base has been upholstered in rich burned orange leather with built in fabric, cushion panels completing the scheme for a development that Morpheus felt hugely privileged to have worked within, as this iconic building moves into the next chapter of its history.


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