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Mim Design作品 | TCL Residence,原始建筑的魅力

       由墨尔本设计公司Mim Design这座20世纪30年代的加利福尼亚简易别墅位于Kew的一条宽阔的绿荫繁茂的街道上,它保留了过去建筑的魅力,又拥有现代家庭的实用性。 
      Located in one of Kew’s premier wide leafy streets this 1930s Californian bungalow, whilst retaining the charm of the past, has the practicality of a modern family home.         入口的吊灯来自Apparatus¹的Cloud²系列       前面的通道使书房和葡萄酒室相通,开放的厨房和生活区能够自如地通往壁炉。 石材广泛地应用在厨房的吧台和客厅的壁炉周围,深色橡木饰面提供了流线型的纹理。
      The front passage has been completely opened up to allow unimpeded sight lines to the stone fireplace through the owner’s study and its connecting wine room, to the open plan kitchen and living areas.  Stone features extensively, appearing on the benches in the kitchen and surrounding the fireplace in the living room.  Stained driftwood oak and dark timber veneer joinery provides a streamlined palette of materials.         餐桌上的吊灯来自Apparatus的Highwire³系列        起居室好莱坞'魅力'的感觉曲折的躺椅,20世纪30年代好莱坞风格的定制吊灯,炭色烤漆墙壁和地毯彰显了男性的气息。
      There is a sense of Hollywood ‘glam’ with a curvaceous chaise and 1930s-inspired custom pendant lights.  In contrast to the main bedroom, the home office nearby has a strong masculine feel, with charcoal-painted walls and carpets.  A stone-clad fireplace adds to the monumentality.        起居室落地灯来自Trizo21的Austere⁵系列        卫生间吊灯来自Articolo⁴的fizi系列


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