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Mim Design作品 | SJD Residence 异想天开的室内设计

      Mim Design和建筑公司Matt Gibson Architecture + Design和园景设计师Ben Scott Garden Design之间的出色的合作重建了Elsternwick Edwardian。
      The complex rebuild of an Elsternwick Edwardian brick home was a masterful collaboration between Mim Design, architecture firm Matt Gibson Architecture + Design and landscaper Ben Scott Garden Design.          Mim Design专注于创造策划异想天开的室内设计,并在整个过程中通过色彩反映客户的创意和个性。
      Mim Design focused on creating whimsical and curated interiors with statement touches of colour throughout to reflect the clients’ creativity and personalities.        诸如消防车红色,起居室内的豪华Tufty沙发等特色作品是精心策划的内饰的一部分,展现了对比色和流行色。
      Feature pieces such as a fire engine red Ludo the Wolf sculpture and a luxurious Tufty sofa in the living room were part of a finely curated interior, which shows contrast and pops of colour.        精美修复的镂空和舱壁构成了室内装饰的一个组成部分,这有助于提供新旧的强烈并置,而定制特征和天然产品带来真实性和独创性。
      Beautifully restored fretwork and bulkheads form an integral part of the interior decoration, which helped provide a strong juxtaposition to the old and new while custom features and natural products bring authenticity and originality.


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