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Mim Design作品 | RLC Residence,棕榈树的景观的翻新

       由墨尔本设计公司Mim Design 的 RLC Residence / Edge of Rainforest是位于昆士兰州努萨国家公园边热带雨林内外全翻新工程。
      RLC Residence / Edge of Rainforest is an external and internal refurbishment of an existing residence nestled within the lush rainforest on the edge of the national park in Noosa, QLD.       通过柔和的中性色彩,烟熏橡木地板和细木工制品的白色衬板来反映沿海的位置。
      The interiors have been updated to reflect the coastal location through soft, neutral colours, smoked oak floors and white lining boards in the joinery. 
       The addition of a large kitchen, with clear glass splashback offering views to the forest, a balcony extension, and a basement rumpus room, now has the house spanning three levels, topped with a fourth bedroom and ensuite.  

      In the bathroom, subway tiling laid in a vertical patter relays the height of the surrounding palms while new black-framed windows have been built tall to frame the view of the high palm branches.


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