Mim Design作品 | RCG Residence 色调鲜明的现代住宅 _ 印际


Mim Design作品 | RCG Residence 色调鲜明的现代住宅

         墨尔本Mim Design设计的Art Deco的内饰特色是原始时期的装饰,并以鲜明的单色色调进行了加强。
    The interior of this Art Deco home features original period embellishments that have been accentuated with dramatic monochromatic tones.
      The focus of the design was a connection from the front of the home through every room.         这种联系在定制设计的建筑形式中进行,强化了建筑形式,为整个住宅增添了现代感。
      This connection was carried through in the custom designed built form joinery, which created strong architectural forms adding a contemporary edge throughout the residence.        特别挑选的豪华家具和配件与内饰的形成鲜明对比。
      Deluxe furniture and accessories where specially selected to contrast with the moody tones of the interior.


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