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Mim Design作品 | PJP Residence,轻松简单的海滨氛围

       墨尔本Mim Design设计的这个公寓位于Barwon Heads,拥有轻松简单的海滨氛围。
      This residence located at Barwon Heads has a relaxed, simple, coastal feel.        通过结构的应用达成居家的功能。
      A new property with a lived-in look was achieved through the use of textural finishes.        包括详细的木地板和衬板增加了柔和的白垩感,而强烈的色彩口袋则创造了一个特色调色板。
      The inclusion of detailed timber floors and lining boards added to the soft chalky feel, whilst strong pockets of colour created a feature palette throughout.        所有的家具都被选中,注意到定期居住在该物业的年轻精力充沛的家庭。
       All furniture was selected mindful of the young energetic family that inhabits the property on a regular basis.


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