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Mim Design作品 | MLB Residence,纪念阿尔伯特公园时期的美学

      为了纪念阿尔伯特公园的著名时期美学设计,Mim Design在与建筑师Alfred de Bruyne将过去与现在结合起来,合作改造现有的两居室房屋的。 
      Honouring Albert Park’s renowned period aesthetic Mim Design, in collaboration with architect Alfred de Bruyne, has married the past with the present to transform an existing two-bedroom property. 餐厅吊灯来自Studio WM⁷的Porcelain Lamp 岛台吊灯来自Toss B的Disk        多功能现代五间卧室的家庭充分展示了内部和外部设计的无缝融合。 柔和曲线新建的屋檐,拱门,石制壁炉以及浴室和浴室镜子把柔和曲线表现得淋漓尽致。 整体色彩散发出奢华感,柔和的灰色色调补充了整个家庭的触觉元素。
      The now highly functional contemporary five-bedroom home showcases a seamless amalgamation of design eras, both internally and externally. Gentle curves in the extension are beautifully expressed in the new cornices, architraves, stone fireplace hearth, 4-metre long kitchen island bench, as well as mirrors in the bathrooms and ensuites.  The overall colour palette exudes luxury with soft shades of grey complementing tactile elements throughout out home. 卫生间吊灯来自Workstead的ORBIT SCONCE系列


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