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Mim Design作品 | MCF Residence 国际城市的豪华阁楼

             由墨尔本Mim Design 设计的位于墨尔本南雅拉郊区的豪宅,通过定制的天然石材,熏黑的橡木木材和金属色调重新回到地球上。
      Perched high in the sky above the blue chip Melbourne suburb of South Yarra, this opulent family home was brought back to earth via custom natural stone, smoky oak timber and metallic accents.        空间规划、室内建筑、艺术品采购、定制细木工、配件、固定装置和家具都是豪华新顶层公寓简介的一部分。
      Spacial planning, interior architecture, artwork procurement, custom joinery, fittings, fixtures and furniture were all part of the brief for the luxurious new penthouse.        使视觉最大化,创造空间展示Bill Henson,Michael和Matthew Johnson以及Melinda Harper的杰出作品。
      As well as maximising the views, the aim was to create spaces to display prominent artwork by Bill Henson, Michael and Matthew Johnson and Melinda Harper.        内部每一个细节都经过深思熟虑,它将适合任何主要国际城市的豪华阁楼。
      Every detail within the interior has been considered and the result is a timeless look that would befit a deluxe penthouse in any major international city.


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