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Mim Design作品 | MAH Residence 国际城市的豪华阁楼

      由墨尔本Min Design设计的Brighton房子的拥有者需要一个能够反映建筑物结构几何形状的室内装饰。
      The owner of this Brighton house required an interior that reflected the geometry of the building’s architecture.        为了达到这个目的,Mim Design进行了全面的规划,室内建筑设计和装饰。
      To achieve this brief, Mim Design undertook full planning, interior architectural design and decoration.        每个视图都有一个关键的内部特征或形式,并且房屋内的每个元素都按比例创建雕塑形式。 内饰具有平衡感,冷静和空间感。
      Each view has aspect to a key interior feature or form, and each element within the house proportionally creates a sculptural form. The interiors have a sense of balance, calm and space.        从正面入口处,通向带优雅弧形壁炉的休息室,空间感觉柔软温暖。 光线穿过窗户,熏黑的橡木地板,典雅的灰色大理石和黑色染色木材等自然元素营造出一种柔和的豪华感。
      From the front entry, leading through to the lounge with its elegantly curved fireplace, the space feels soft and warm. Light streams through the windows, and natural elements such as smoked oak floors, elegant grey marble, and black stained timber, create a muted sense of luxury.  


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