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Mim Design作品 | JBC Residence 细节至上的融合

      由墨尔本设计公司Mim Design设计的1930年代Brighton Edwardian 房屋的全面重建是Mim Design和建筑公司Nixon Tulloch Fortey之间的一次极好的合作。
      The complete rebuild of a Brighton Edwardian 1930’s home was a terrific collaboration between Mim Design and architecture firm, Nixon Tulloch Fortey        Mim Design通过室内设计和规划流程处理松散的家具和艺术品选择包来解放家具和选择艺术品。
      Mim Design worked through the interior design and planning process to the loose furniture and artwork selection package.        融合了室内细节设计的建筑风格至关重要, 内部反映了客户轻松,明亮,居家的要求。 通过纹理,形式和材质的对比在融合新增加的原始细节方面至关重要。
      The interior reflects our clients requirement for a light, bright and easy living home. Contrasts through texture, form and material were essential in melding original details with new additions.     


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