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Mim Design作品 | DRF Residence,黑暗爱德华时代住宅

      Mim Design创造出一个令人惊叹的黑暗爱德华时代住宅的内部改造,使得Elsternwick 住宅得以复兴,将无法使用狭小空间变成了一个现代化的避难所,为这个时代的建筑风格致敬。
      The revival of an Elsternwick residence allowed Mim Design to create a stunning internal transformation of a dark Edwardian home with cramped, unusable spaces, into a modern sanctuary that paid homage to the era’s architectural styling.        该团队实施了一个涵盖室内建筑框架,造型和软装的全面计划,从而使它焕然一新。
      The team implemented a comprehensive plan covering the interior architectural framework, styling and soft furnishings, which resulted in an entirely new look.        材料的分层,灰白柔和调色板与黑色的着重点缀为室内增添了永恒的光彩,尊重爱德华时代的建筑风格。
      The layering of materials, a soft palette of greys and off whites with accents of black added a timeless brilliance to the interior, respecting the Edwardian architecture.


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