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Mim Design作品 | DMH Residence,优雅清新的感觉

      由墨尔本Mim Design设计的室内装修区分新旧两部分; 作为干净,永恒的元素与经典的维多利亚时代人物融合在一起,创造出优雅,持久,清新的感觉。
      This interior renovation distinguishes between old and new; as clean, timeless elements meld with the classic Victorian character to create an elegant, enduring, fresh feel.        整个家庭的维多利亚特色已被简化成一个清晰的调色板,维持所有现有元素。
     The Victorian features throughout the home have been simplified with a crisp palette, with all existing elements maintained.        通过翻新高度和开放感来体现现代化的住宅。
     The requirements of a modern family home are demonstrated through the extended height and open feel of the renovation.


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