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Mim Design作品 | DDM Residence 新生的墨尔本 20世纪中叶设计

        由墨尔本设计公司Mim Design增加了爱和关怀的元素使本世纪中叶墨尔本东部的住宅焕发出新生。
      In desperate need of some love and care, this mid-century home in Melbourne’s leafy east has a new lease of life.
       Mim Design连接的空间让居家轻盈,同时保留了本世纪中叶特征的完整性。
      Mim Design connected spaces making the home light, bright and welcoming, while retaining the integrity of the interior mid-century features that are all too often lost.
       曾经封闭的房间现在是高流量的枢纽, 开放式的厨房区域充满了自然光,天花板上加了天窗,在游泳池和新餐厅连接处增添了剧院和活动区域。
      Once closed rooms are now high traffic hubs. The open-plan kitchen area is flooded with natural light from clerestory glazing added to the living room ceiling, while the relocated swimming pool and new dining room adds theatre and activity.


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