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Mim Design作品 | Crisp Street, Hampton的中心的高档住宅

        墨尔本Mim Design设计Crisp Street Apartments公寓在Hampton的中心的高档住宅。
      Crisp Street Apartments offer premium residential living in the heart of Hampton.        28间公寓的每一间均反映了精心策划的现代生活空间组合,旨在建立柔和的单色调色板。
      Each of the 28 apartments reflects a composition of well-planned, contemporary living spaces that establish a softened monochrome palette.        优雅地摆放着蓝灰色和暗淡粉红色的珊瑚和铜质饰物, 高质量的装饰和饰面,简单和永恒的感觉。
      This composition is elegantly punctuated with furnishings in blue-greys and dusky pinks with accents of coral and copper. Quality fixtures and finishes such as the washed timber flooring shape an overall polished, simple and timeless feel.
      Custom white powder-coated ‘bam-bam’ handles are featured throughout and custom ‘slot’ basins sit within each bathroom.


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