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Mim Design作品 | Chambers Street,装饰和细节精美组合

      由墨尔本Mim Design设计的位于南Yarra的钱伯斯街住宅包含三层精美的组合空间,专注于优越的装饰和细节以展示高效的规划和设计策略。
      Located in South Yarra, the Chambers Street residence encompasses three levels of beautifully composed spaces focusing on superior finishes and detailing throughout to showcase a highly effective planning and design strategy.        从主卧室、浴室到休息室,餐厅和厨房的各个层面都有丰富的滤光片。
      An abundance of light filters throughout all levels, from the master bedroom and ensuite down to the lounge, dining and kitchen which flows out on to an entertainers courtyard.        当地采购的手工砖瓦铺设在楼梯附近的3个楼层,以提供垂直整合功能。 整个浴室和厨房的石材增添了单调柔和的色调。
      Locally sourced handmade brick tiles span the 3 levels adjacent to the staircase to provide a vertical integration feature. Stone throughout bathrooms and kitchen add a softness to the strong monochromatic palette.        整个生活区空间的有效利用创造了一个干净舒适的内部设计。
      Efficient use of space throughout the living zone creates a well-proportioned, comfortable and clean lined interior.


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