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Mim Design作品 | ALH Residence,现代感和家庭特色的交融

      墨尔本Mim Design设计的Spanish Mission的家园坐落在马尔文东部茂密的郊区。
      This Spanish Mission home is located in the leafy suburbs of Malvern East.          五口之家想要创造一个有趣而温馨的环境,既有现代感同时也需要涵盖原有家庭的现有特色。
      The family of 5 wanted to create a fun and homely environment with a modern extension, while still encompassing the existing characteristics of the original home.              房子前面的主卧室和正式客厅描绘出喜怒无常的质感,而大厅入口通往开放式厨房,阳光充足的起居区和用餐区。
      The master bedroom and formal sitting room at the front of the house portray a moody textured feel, while the large entry hall leads down to the open plan kitchen, living and dining area with an abundance of natural light.        定制设计的娱乐装置以其黑暗的Arcadian Oak饰面而自豪,抵消了周围家具和配饰的明亮和浅色。
      The custom designed entertainment unit stands proud with its dark Arcadian Oak finishes, offsetting the bright and light colours of the furniture and accessories surrounding.


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