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Middle Park Revival- Baldasso Cortese Architects,互补的对比

      Melbourne is located in the middle of a picturesque bayside park, transforming the existing double-deck windshield into a two-story, four-bedroom family home. The project is a series of complementary contrasts: the delicate light details of the preserved heritage are comparable to contemporary colorful and light-brick brickwork.
      Retaining the bedroom's original ornate features and high ceilings with a thoughtfully textured first-floor master bedroom suite; and the living area's lightness and texture to the dark timber and kitchen feature bulkheads.
       由Baldasso Cortese建筑事务所设计,这个住宅的中心非常适合居住/厨房空间,从现有住宅楼层开始放置,以最大限度地利用空间,同时保留遗产覆盖物高度限制。
      Designed by Baldasso Cortese Architects, the center of this home is ideal for living/kitchen spaces, starting from the existing residential floor to maximize space while retaining the height limit of the heritage cover.
      Entered by a characteristic cantilevered staircase, the space is surrounded by natural light and connected to the exterior through a series of courtyards and skylights. To put it simply, without a table, the central cantilevered island became a meeting place, from breakfast with children to drinking coffee with friends.


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