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Miching Mertens和Going East作品 | Fosbury&Sons Boitsfort酒店,家一样的工作场所

       Fosbury&Sons Boitsfort酒店位于布鲁塞尔市中心外,占据了由Constantin Brodzki设计的20世纪70年代办公大楼,是明年开放的三个布鲁塞尔大楼中的第一个。基于良好的设计,现代主义和从人群中脱颖而出,恢复和翻新原始建筑为整个空间创造了一个模板- 建筑的建筑当然不同于我们之前见过的有机形状的弧形窗户和琥珀色有色玻璃。
       Located outside Brussels city centre, Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort occupies a 1970s office building designed by Constantin Brodzki and is the first of three Brussels buildings to open next year. Based on good design, modernism and stand out from the crowd, restoring and renovating the original building creates a template for the entire space - the architectural architecture is of course different from the organic curved windows and amber tinted glass we have seen before.         该空间的室内设计由Miching Mertens和Going East的AnaïsTorfs设计,他们也在安特卫普空间工作。他们在室内建筑的粗糙斑点混凝土的温暖灰色,木地板的金色调和樱桃木橱柜门的低光处建造了他们的“临时温度”调色板,所有这些都经过精心修复并重新使用。
       The interior design of the space was designed by Miching Mertens and AnaïsTorfs of Going East, who also work in the Antwerp space. They built their "temporary temperature" palette in the warm grey of the rough-spotted concrete of the interior building, the golden shades of the wooden floor and the low light of the cherry wood cabinet doors, all of which have been carefully restored and reused.  
       “我们想创造冷色和暖色材料之间的平衡,” Torfs,是谁把奶油色的说道纺织品,精心挑选的陶瓷提供颜色,挂件的火花灯光柔和的金属色调,所有这一切都体现在弧形的窗户,带来森林的朦胧,秋天的颜色超越每个空间。
       “We want to create a balance between cool and warm materials,” Torfs, who puts creamy textiles, carefully selected ceramics to provide color, pendant sparkles, soft metallic tones, all in a curved shape. The windows bring the hustle and bustle of the forest, and the colors of autumn transcend every space.  
       However, why is it that comfort is linked to the family and the discomfort of the office, we want to know? In our connection to work, it has been a history of unhealthy behavior, from strip lighting and coffee-dyed carpets to unnecessary items filled into filing cabinets.


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