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Mathieu Lehanneur作品丨Last Known Home

      Last Known Home是位于法国巴黎的一个极小的展览空间,由Mathieu Lehanneur设计。Lehanneur创造了一种理想的生活空间,这是一种对唯美主义者和隐士收藏家的当代庇护所。
      Last Known Home is a minimal exhibition space located in Paris, France, designed by Mathieu Lehanneur. According to the designer, Mathieu Lehanneur’s new project, seems to concentrate in one place the entire conceptual and aesthetic universe of the designer. Lehanneur has created an ideal living space, a sort of contemporary refuge for an aesthete and hermit collector, who would have run away from honors and vanity. From flint to artificial intelligence, from mineral to living species.        这个房间把智慧和科学结合在一起,Mathieu Lehanneur以独特的方法,原始元素与技术融合在一起,展示了我们文明的简史。
      The room combines savoir-faire and science and beautifully brings to life Mathieu Lehanneur’s unique approach. Primitive elements fuse with technology in a showcase of a brief history of our civilization.        第一印象,所有的矿物,显示出一种伟大的复杂性。就连这些书都是用石头做的,就好像它们已经被读过了,只是作为一种记忆而存在。
      The first impression, all mineral, reveals a great sophistication. Even the books are made of stone, as though they have already been read and exist only as a memory.        Navona travertine墙的中性色调和微妙的调色板,凡尔赛的镶木地板和钛板的天花板与粉红色玛瑙、绿色大理石和闪光的金属天花反射结合在一起。
      The neutral and subtle palette of the Navona travertine wall, the Versailles parquet and the ceiling in titanium plates are combined with touches of pink onyx, green marble and iridescent metallic reflections.       在空间中,Marquina黑色大理石和Ocean Memories系列的两幅作品与整体形成了视觉对比和色彩过渡。
      In the middle of the space, two works from the Ocean Memories series in marquina black marble create a visual contrast and a chromatic transition with the whole.        一个巨大的床出现在壁龛里。沙发和床架都是由同一块金色的桦木精华制作,切割和组装成床头,精心编织的华丽的意大利床单。
      A monumental bed emerges in an alcove. The structure and the bedding are made of the same blonde birch essence, cut and assembled to tailor made the bed and finely woven to form the sumptuous Italian linen.


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