Marvel Architects作品 | Long Island’s,设计与自然的完美融合 _ 印际


Marvel Architects作品 | Long Island’s,设计与自然的完美融合

      Designed by Marvel Architects of New York, the "Weekend" home is located in Red Creek Road, Hampton, a popular resort town in New York. With a total area of ​​14730.56 square meters, the beautiful Long Island Bay and forest landscape make this project unique. In addition, the home includes a separate garage, a new driveway, and a swimming pool.
      In the overall planning, this three-bedroom house consists of two body blocks that intersect at an angle. At the same time, the designer creates an unobstructed opening at the intersection, forming a passage leading to the back of the house and forming a visual point for the entire landscape.
       The exterior of the building is wrapped in horizontal cedar wood with a black metal roof that reveals a natural and earthy texture. “Natural cedar wood is the most awe-inspiring song of the natural environment,” says the designer. 
      “From the boulevard, this passage passes directly through the building, creating a seamless connection from the front yard to the back yard.”       与此同时,这个有意而为之的开口设计也是前庭的入口,并通向开放式厨房、起居室和餐厅。
       At the same time, this intentional opening design is also the entrance to the vestibule and leads to the open kitchen, living room and dining room.
     The floor-to-ceiling windows of the double-height living room give the interior a wide view of Long Island Bay. The rear terrace features an infinity pool that creates a continuous water surface that extends towards the sea level.  
      A huge slab-shaped concrete fireplace separates the living room from the dining room, and the sides are presented in an open layout that extends to the second floor master bedroom.
       The steel-wood staircase connects the two-story bedroom. The master bedroom is located on the mezzanine level of the first floor and stands on a secluded balcony overlooking the backyard. In addition to this, the master bedroom also includes a walk-in closet and bathroom.
      On the other side of the home, two second bedrooms are arranged, separated by a shared bathroom and a study that occupies the southern end of the floor. The overall space is soft and blends with architectural elements such as exposed wood and concrete.
       Colourful décor, such as simple, bright furniture, carpets and art paintings, invigorate the room.


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