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M3作品 | White House,开放舒适的设计

      由M3 Architect设计的White House的主人是一位年轻人,IT技术专家,他很注重时间观念和空间给人的安慰感。
      White House's owner is a young man, IT technical experts, he is very focused on the concept of time and space to give a sense of comfort.       在功能布局上的考虑,制定了一个开放式空间设计,一个循环和动线,使能够最大限度地发挥空间。
      Considered in terms of functional layout, an open space design has been developed, a looping and moving, to maximize space.        在配色基础上,奶白色搭配少许原木色,不失温馨。
      On the basis of color, milky white with a little wood color, without losing warmth.        设计强调了内部的细节。 考虑到生活的方式和节奏,客户的爱好。M3创造了最开放,舒适和明亮的空间。
      Design emphasizes internal details. Taking into account the way of life and rhythm, customer preferences. M3 has created the most open, comfortable and bright space.


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