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M3作品 | WH Residence,乌克兰的度假胜地

       由M3 Architect设计的WH Residence 位于乌克兰Odessa市的Arcadia 区,是乌克兰的度假胜地,同时也是主要的俱乐部聚集地,临近Black Sea沿岸。
      Located in the Arcadia district of Odessa, Ukraine, this residence is a holiday resort in Ukraine and is also a major clubhouse close to the Black Sea coast.        WH Residence由两座建筑组成,二者包含了同样多的功能。两座建筑的主立面形成一个整体,共同构成一处豪华的公寓住宅。
      The WH Residence consists of two buildings, both of which contain the same amount of functionality. The two buildings form a whole main façade together to form a luxurious apartment house.        整体功能区域分为私人区域、公共区域以及设施区域。休闲区域包括游泳池和连接了spa区的露台。庭院的内部空间和首层空间在视觉上融为一体。入口、衣柜、一间起居室和一间带有用餐区域的厨房共同组成了公共区域。
      The overall functional area is divided into private areas, public areas and facilities area. The relaxation area includes a swimming pool and a terrace with a spa area. The inner courtyard of the courtyard is visually integrated with the ground floor space. The entrance, wardrobe, a living room and a kitchen with dining area form the common area.        作为基础楼层的首层空间有着易于解读的边界,合理的分区带来通风和柔软的光线。正门、客厅、厨房及餐厅同样位于一层,以实现最大程度的便捷,同时为二层提供开放式的平面布局。设施区域也位于一层。
      The ground floor space on the base floor has an easy-to-interpret boundary and a reasonable zoning for ventilation and soft light. The main entrance, living room, kitchen and dining room are also located on the ground floor for maximum convenience while providing an open floorplan for the second floor. The facility area is also on the ground floor.        开放而透明的楼梯间通往较为私人的二层和三层空间。带有独立浴室和衣橱的卧室相互独立,每间卧室皆与露台相连,可以看到庭院中的景致。
      Open and transparent staircase leads to the more private two and three floors. Bedrooms with separate bathroom and wardrobe are separate from each other, and each bedroom is connected to the terrace and offers views of the courtyard.


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