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M3作品 | Academic公寓,古典与现代极简的碰撞

      Academic公寓位于Le Panier区,坐落在建于十九世纪的古老建筑中。 这个项目是为一位受过良好教育的商业人士而设计的,他喜欢古董,珍视他的个人空间。
      The Academic is located in the 19th-century building in Le Panier. The project was designed for a well-educated business man who loves antiques and values ​​his personal space.        M3 Architects对上个世纪的设计历史和设计大师有着很高的赞誉和敬仰之情。 因此,设计师创造了一个反映历史和新想法的内部空间。 保留现有的装饰,并支持内部百叶窗的想法,作为立面设计的一个主要元素。
      M3 Architects has a great reputation and admiration for the design history and design masters of the last century. Therefore, the designer creates an interior that reflects history and new ideas. Keep the existing decor and support the idea of ​​internal shutters as a key element in façade design.
       公寓内部分为公共和私人空间。 公共区域包括一个厨房,一个餐厅,一个客厅和一个储藏室。 M3选择公寓采光最好的部分来安排这些空间。
      The apartment is partly divided into public and private spaces. Public areas include a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a storage room. M3 Choose the best part of the apartment for these spaces.        开敞区域由壁炉和用餐区组成,可以和朋友一起享受音乐。 公寓没有电视,因为业主非常重视阅读和与朋友沟通。 私人区域包括一间卧室,一间浴室,一个衣柜。
      The open area consists of a fireplace and dining area, where you can enjoy music with friends. The apartment does not have a TV because the owner places great emphasis on reading and communicating with friends. The private area consists of a bedroom, a bathroom, a wardrobe.        室内两个重要部分是于其古典历史背景,以及现代体量与技术的结合。 M3在不同的欧洲城寻找家具和照明灯具。结合了不同名牌的内饰和材料,如:Mukomelov,Silas Seandel,Jacques Quinet,Kofod-Larsen,Jacques Biny,Niels Moller,Vola,Inbani,Villeroy&Boch。
      Two important parts of the interior are its classical historical background and the combination of modern mass and technology. M3 looks for furniture and lighting in different European cities. Combines different brand name interiors and materials such as Mukomelov, Silas Seandel, Jacques Quinet, Kofod-Larsen, Jacques Biny, Niels Moller, Vola, Inbani, Villeroy & Boch.


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