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Luigi Rosselli作品 | The Triplex Apartments,建筑即地形

       Luigi Rosselli最近完成的阶梯式公寓包含大型露台和私人花园,适合那些希望生活在小于郊区房屋规模的人士。 这些露台由坚固的混凝土边梁构建,以提供宽阔的遮篷结构。 混凝土暴露于室外并且水平地开槽得以展示坚固纹理。
      Luigi Rosselli’s recently completed terraced apartment contains a large terrace and a private garden, ideal for those who wish to live in smaller suburban homes. These terraces are constructed from sturdy concrete side beams to provide a wide canopy structure. The concrete was exposed outdoors and slotted horizontally to show a strong texture.
       设计一所住宅,通常只需要有一块公正用的橡皮图章,多种平面图、细节图和材料图,以及一些懒惰、像绵羊一般的心态的建筑师或开发者的劳动成果。 然而,排屋公寓需要不同的布局以适应地形和电梯的不同高度点。此外,这三个公寓也由 Romaine Alwill 的设计而具有个性化的不同室内装饰和设计。
      Designing a home usually requires only a rubber stamp for fair use, a variety of floor plans, detail drawings, and material drawings, as well as the results of labor of some lazy, sheep-like minds of architects or developers. However, terrace houses require different layouts to accommodate the terrain and the different height points of the elevator. In addition, these three apartments are also designed by Romaine Alwill with different personalised interiors and designs.
       从街上看,公寓楼的外观如同单层住宅,以便维持街道现有的住宅格局,并减轻该区最近改划住宅单位的影响。 这一方法有助于获得规划局对于房屋住宅发展的支持。
      Looking from the street, the apartment building looks like a single-storey home in order to maintain the current residential structure of the street and reduce the impact of the recent rezoning of the residential unit in the area. This method helps to obtain the support of the Planning Bureau for housing development.


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