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Luigi Rosselli作品 | The New Twin Peaks,垂直的建筑

       Luigi Rosselli这个项目采用尖锐边缘,抽象形式,坚固的悬臂檐篷和超大窗户的现代语言设计,是当代版本的达林角项目的双山墙,木瓦和传统玻璃窗。
      Luigi Rosselli's project uses sharp edges, abstract forms, solid cantilevered canopies and modern windows with oversized windows. It is a contemporary version of the Double Gables, shingles and traditional glass windows of the Darlington project.
      The children's bedroom is located under the first larger zinc-covered gable. The second steep gable contains the cathedral ceiling of the master bedroom. The double-height ceiling in the master bedroom matches the height of the tall ceiling in the entrance hall, especially the giraffe-sized space in the kitchen and dining room. This is a deliberate decision to create this vertical building so that it corresponds to the existing pencil pine beside the garden pool.
      The main spine of the house is a central stair-step staircase, from the bedroom on the top floor to the stairs at the mezzanine entrance, from the entrance to the middle level containing the study and recreation rooms to the large living, dining and kitchen space. This gentle descent in the main living space culminates in a four-meter-high sliding door that leads to the deck and pool area and slides into the wall cavity to form an unobstructed flow into the garden.


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